Winlock Police Services Contract

In 2015 the Winlock Police Department was experience some significant changes.  Long time Chief retiring and its only other officer relocating to a larger department presented the council with a major decision for police services.  Through public meetings, research and a number of options both financially and professionally the Winlock Council made a historic decision to contract police services.  At no time in the city's history has this been such a hard decision and one that has proven to be beneficial to the citizens of both community's, (Winlock and Toledo)


In August of 2015 the Toledo police department began a 3.5 year initial contact for police services and the Winlock police department closed its operations.  This contract has provided additional on duty coverage for both cities at a savings to the city of Winlock from its past police costs.


The Toledo police department is committed to providing high visibility,  professional, proactive,  and improved call response for both communities.


If you have questions or want to report a crime, or concern please don't hesitate to contact us.

(Remember, if you witness a crime or concern and don't call it my prevent or slow solving the incident)


9-1-1 for all in progress emergency calls


360-740-1105 for non emergency calls


360-864-6041 to leave a message at the Toledo police department

(Note: Our officers spend most of their day on active patrol, or case followup's, if you leave a message the officers will get back with you as soon as possible upon hearing your message)


Toledo Police Department

130 N Second St

Toledo, Washington 98591