If you are interested in the reserve officer program


This class is a minimum of 249 hours in length. The Reserve Academy curriculum adopted by the Commission is designed similar to that of the Basic Academy, including student performance objectives for each instructional block. It is designed to provide reserves with the basic knowledge and skills required for safe, proper and effective law enforcement service. Instructional blocks include: Criminal Law and Procedure, Communications Skills, Crisis Intervention, Defensive Tactics, Patrol Procedures, Criminal Investigations, Evidence Law, Firearms, including range qualifications, EVOC, Use of Force, Ethics, Civil Liability and First Aid. Basic training requirements can be found under WAC 139-05-810.


Graduates of those Academies which have been approved by the Commission and who, upon academy completion, pass a certification examination developed and administered by the Commission, will receive the state's basic reserve officers certificate. Such certification satisfies the basic training requirements for reserve officers under the Washington Aid Peace Powers Act, RCW 10.93.090.




“Reserve Officers” are included under the definition “specially commissioned Washington peace officer” under RCW 10.93.020(5) and includes any law enforcement officer who does not serve as a law enforcement officer of this state on a full-time basis, but who when called into active service, is fully commissioned on the same basis as full-time officers to enforce the criminal laws of this state.


RCW 10.93.090 explains: A specially commissioned Washington peace officer who has successfully completed a course of basic training prescribed or approved for such officers by the Washington state criminal justice training commission may exercise any authority which the special commission vests in the officer, throughout the territorial bounds of the state, outside of the officer's primary territorial jurisdiction under the following circumstances:(1) The officer is in fresh pursuit, as defined in RCW 10.93.120; or(2) The officer is acting pursuant to mutual law enforcement assistance agreement between the primary commissioning agency and the agency with primary territorial jurisdiction.

The Toledo Police Department is a small rural department located in southwest Washington. The department currently has a Police Chief, a full time officer and two volunteer reserve officers. Our reserve officers are relied on regularly to help fill the needs of the department and for the community safety.


Currently the Toledo Police Department is not accepting applications for full time officers,

For a position as a reserve police officer contact Chief John Brockmueller.

Toledo Police Department

130 N Second St

Toledo, Washington 98591