If you received a citation from a Toledo police officer you likely received a "SECTOR" electronic ticket.  For more information click on the link above.

Toledo Case Information

Winlock Case Information

District Court Judges

The city of Toledo processes all its cases through district and superior court of Lewis County.


For citation / infraction information

Lewis County District Court.


For Felony crimes

Lewis County Superior Court

For infractions and misdemeanor crimes which occur in the city limits of Winlock those cases are presented to

the Winlock Municipal Court.



If you are cited for some of these offense's or infractions your case would likely be decided in the Winlock Municipal Court


- Speeding,  - Driving While Suspended, - DUI (Non Felony), - Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor) - Vehicle Equipment Infractions, - Thefts (Non Felony) Failure to stop at stop sign, - Most Traffic Infractions, - Most Misdemeanor Cases.


The Officer That Contacts You In Any Event Will Tell You The Court You Will Need To Appear In.



For Felony crimes

Lewis County Superior Court


Meet the Judges


Hon. R.W. Buzzard, District Court Judge


Hon. Wade S. Samuelson, District Court Judge

Contact the District Court

Lewis County District Court

W. Main at Pacific, 3rd Floor

PO Box 600

Chehalis WA 98532

(360) 740-1203


Toledo Police Department

130 N Second St

Toledo, Washington 98591